Pure cashmere

Pure cashmere

Fine cashmere perhaps is the most precious yarn nowaday. The hair undercoat of cashmere high-mountain goats is softer than merino wool. Weightless clothing from this natural yarn regulates the temperature regime of the body and work like thermal underwear. Will insure you on summer evenings and is indispensable in the cold season.

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Taupe big cashmere poncho BER - 1

Taupe big cashmere poncho

Price $280
Feminine poncho has a loose silhouette with drapes. This elegant poncho was made on the knitting machine from pure cashmere yarn. We sewn it by...
Wide leg cashmere knit pants BER - 2

Wide leg cashmere knit pants

Price $330
Pure cashmere pants has a high-rise, wide-leg silhouette and elasticated waistband. Unique weaving keeps trouser shape and enhances fluid effect...